South Korea Will Air a Crypto-Themed TV Series in October

Pulsating Web Series of South Korea

South Korea plans to air its first-ever crypto-related TV series in October 2020. This crypto themed series will be broadcasted in the drama genre and aspires to gain immense popularity because of the thrill and excitement embedded script and storyboarding, direction, and acting.

A K-Drama Series with Romantic Flavour

A Korean Drama or K-Drama series titled “Romantic Hacker” is all ready to stir the South Korea media space in October, this year. It will be a web-based series, based on crypto and blockchain-centric subjects, linked to a sweet romantic story. Infused with love and drama, this thriller TV series will entice and attract an audience of all kinds and is expected to be an epic blockbuster of the K-Drama series. The story will showcase the drudge of a crypto trading portal known as the Jeju International Crypto Exchange. The lead actor will combat a group of highly expert hackers that effort to snip the cash from the exchange.

Cast and Crew

A well-known talent agency is responsible for bringing actors and actresses on board for the series. The superbly talented and popular K-pop star Kwon Hyun-bin will be seen in the series as the male lead character, ‘Jaemin.’ He will contest the gang of fraudsters and expose the chain of fraudulent transactions of cryptocurrencies. This is an action-packed drama, with romantic and comedy elements in bits and pieces. As a whole, the web series will make up for a fascinating recreation and entertainment stuff for all. Kwon has a tremendous fan following, and the agency has hired Kwon very intelligently to assure the admiration and adoration of a sprawling young fan base. Kwon Hyun-bin is also well known for being a supermodel and a talented actor. His filmographic trajectory specifies that Kwon had acted in three leading TV series, such as JTBC’s ‘Don’t Let Go of Your Mind’ and Netflix’s ‘Part-Time Idol’. Before signing as a lead actor in “Romantic Hacker”. Those who had already seen these series are well aware of his acting skills, dialogue delivery, and confidence. Other important actors are Viini. Jae Min, Jo Hyun Young. Hye Soo and I are Na Young. Joo Hee.

Romantic Hacker is designated as the first-ever crypto-themed web series, to be aired in South Korea. People have gathered a lot of expectations towards this action-romantic comedy and can’t wait to enjoy this in October.

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