Miami Mayor Confident Crypto Regulatory Issues Will Be Resolved

While some people and countries are only limited to accepting bitcoin as a payment method, the mayor of Miami named Francis Suarez is planning to make Miami the capital of Bitcoin. Despite its volatile market and wild fluctuations, Francis believes that cryptocurrencies will work on themselves, and there’s only one thing that everyone must do at this point is “buy the dip.” At Bitcoin 2021, Miami Mayor gave a speech where he mentioned that he is making utmost efforts to make the metropolis the bitcoin capital. In his speech, he first said that Miami was the only city that hosted a white paper published by Satoshi Nakamoto on a web site.

Francis stated, “Miami was the first in the country. At first, we want us to be first in building and promoting the new generation of technology. We adopted new technology because people are always looking for the best to live a quality life in this experiential world. We were first since we understand the advantage that the new and tech world can offer you, and we became first because we understand the meaning of becoming a capital of capital”. He added, “Miami strives to be the bitcoin capital.”

He elaborated that we truly believe that we have to take risks and integrate. Francis even requested to permit the metropolis to pay their workers for the efforts in bitcoin and settle for bitcoin for all the taxes and charges and explore the risks related to holding this crypto asset. After this, he talked about the total number of industries or streams of earnings that are flowing to his metropolis from crypto space along with, and he talks about shifting both bitcoin and from New York City to Miami.

Miami mayor shared that this week, they have announced the headquarters, the largest crypto trading platform, and blockchain that created around 300 new job opportunities and around $30. Even the mayor said that the U.S. is ready to become the powerhouse for bitcoin mining using clean and less energy. This will help bitcoin to transact faster and have a stable price. This will decide the differences between the proof-of-stake and the proof-of-work.

Mayor Suarez added that the most significant thing he loves about the bitcoin community is the great interest, energy, and innovation that will help change the world and define Miami city.